6 Best Spotting Scopes under $200

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With optics, quality always comes at a cost, In this post, we have created a guide on the best spotting scope under $200 recommendations that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

If you are an avid birder, hunter, or target shooter, a spotting scope is a sighting tool that will greatly enhance the level of enjoyment you get from your outdoor expedition. It will get you much closer to the action and make long-range observations more enjoyable.

It is however not an easy task to find the best spotting scope for your specific needs especially when you have a tight budget. There are too many options available out there and it becomes a challenge to know which model to choose. Luckily, we are here to offer some help.

We have done the legwork and put up this comprehensive review on the stellar-reviewed and high-performing spotting scopes under $200. But prior to getting into the scopes in detail, let’s begin by looking at the features that make a great spotting scope under this price range.

What Makes a Great Spotting Scope?

If you are starting your outdoor hobby and looking for a spotting scope, you are probably wondering what makes one great. Firstly, the spotting scope has to have a well-crafted body made from premium quality materials that enhance both durability and longevity.

Secondly, the scope should be built and ready for use in any environment. Its optical tubes should be filled with inert gas and sealed to give you reliable performance in all kinds of weather conditions.

The other essential attributes a great spotting scope should have include:

  • An eye relief that is long to ensure comfortable observations
  • Fully-coated or fully multi-coated lenses to enhance light transmission
  • A focusing system that is smooth and easy to operate
  • A rubber armoring that protects the optics from elements
  • Built-in sunshade and adjustable eyecup

Best Spotting Scopes under $200

1) Gosky 20-60×80 Spotting Scope

Gosky 20-60x80 Spotting Scope



Gosky 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is the best spotting Scope under $200, this multifunctional spotting scope is built with an array of impressive features, including a variable 20-60x magnification power suitable for glassing objects across vast ranges.

The large 80mm objective lens ensures that quality image views are produced even at the highest zoom powers and provides a wide field of view that you require to find targets easily. It also provides high contrast so you are able to distinguish the target in all environments.

Another attribute that makes the spotting scope shine is the ease of adjustment. Both the magnification and focus knobs are designed with the right amount of resistance to ensure that they stay in place and are easy to adjust. It also comes with an extendable sunshade to reduce sun glare and protect the objective lens in rainy conditions.

For all-weather reliability, the optic is waterproof and nitrogen filled. It also features a durable framework that is wrapped with a rubber armor that is shockproof and slip resistant.


  • Smartphone Digiscoping adapter
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Quality BaK4 prisms
  • Rubber armored body
  • Fully multi-coated green film objective lens
  • Multi-functional sunshade
  • 20-60x magnification range


  • Smooth zoom and focus adjustments
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Easy to use


  • Poor clarity towards the outer edges of the image


2) Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 Spotter Scope

Athlon Optics Talos 20-60x80 Spotter Scope




If you are looking for a budget spotting scope that is also versatile, the Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 Spotter Scope is your ideal option. It is designed with great optical quality that makes it a perfect companion when hunting, shooting, stargazing and birdwatching.

This spotting scope features an oversized 80mm objective lens that maximizes light collection. It also has fully multi-coated lenses and premium K9 prisms that bring great clarity and brightness of the objects you are viewing even in the low light settings.

Furthermore, the scope has a lightweight composite chassis that is tough enough to stand up to rigorous everyday use. The optical tubes are fully waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to promote better thermal and humidity stability.

This lightweight spotter scope comes with a table-top tripod so you don’t have to purchase one separately. Also included is a large, soft case that you use to carry both the scope and tripod in a single package.


  • 20-60x magnification
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Built-in extendable sunshade
  • Premium K9 prisms with a silver coating


  • Lightweight
  • Great brightness and clarity
  • Versatile
  • Features a Rotating Ring


  • Hard to focus at higher magnification


3) Barksa AD11284 Blackhawk 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope

Barksa AD11284 Blackhawk 20-60x60 Spotting Scope




Available in a 20-60×60 configuration, the Barska Blackhawk spotting scope is the perfect sighting tool for anyone looking to get extremely clear views of distant objects. It is good for hunting and hitting trails at the range.

This spotting scope has an angled eyepiece design that makes it ideal for viewing subjects at uphill and downhill positions. The large 60mm gathers the light needed for viewing objects in low light settings and gives you a wide viewing angle. Even better, the optics are multi-coated to offer great picture quality by enhancing light transmission.

Construction-wise, the scope has a durable rubber armored body that is nitrogen purged and waterproofed for use in all sorts of weather conditions. It also comes with a built-in sunshade that blocks glare when you are looking toward the sun.


  • BaK4 Porro prism optical path
  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled
  • Built-in retractable sunshade
  • 20-60x magnification power
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Angled eyepiece design
  • Close Focus: 23 ft
  • Length: 14.86 in
  • Weight: 45.8 oz


  • Long eye relief
  • Several accessories included
  • Lightweight construction
  • Good picture quality
  • Tripod Adaptable


  • No ED Glass


4) Dsoon 20-60×80 Spotting Scope

Dsoon 20-60x80 Spotting Scope



Dsoon 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is the best spotting scope under $200 for birdwatching. It is ideal for watching birds in different distances and habits, and for the distant birds you will be stunned at what a difference the scope makes and enjoy intricate plumage details you have never seen before.

The large 80mm green film objective lens provides bright images even in poor light settings by drawing in more light into the optics. Besides, the optical system is fully multi-coated to ensure effective light transmission and make your views brighter and clearer.

This spotting scope has dual focus knobs that provide two different focusing speeds. Furthermore, it comes with a 45-degree angled eyepiece and a rotating tripod mount base that you can use to change the angle into different positions until you have the most comfortable viewing position.

Another highlight of the spotting scope is its construction quality. It has a robust magnesium housing that is rubber armored for added protection from elements and impacts. The optical tube is sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. The body is also nitrogen filled to improve the thermal stability level and prevent condensation on the inside.

The other essential features included are a retractable sunshade that reduces glare from sunlight and a full range of accessories.


  • Dual focus knob
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Robust magnesium housing
  • Built-in retractable sunshade
  • Rubber armored body
  • Large 80mm Objective Lens
  • Angled eyepiece design
  • Field of View 49.5-99 ft @ 1000 yds.
  • Fully multi-coated optical system


  • Crisp and clear views
  • Comfortable 14.5-16.8mm eye relief
  • A full range of accessories included
  • Good value for the price


  • Heavy


5) Celestron – Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope

Celestron - Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope



Celestron prides itself in making quality and budget-friendly optics and this is clear in the Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope. This is a great all-around spotting scope with a straight viewing angle design.

The scope is built with a compact and lightweight design that makes it great for travel. The broad 18-55x zoom eyepiece makes observing nature and long-distance objects a worthwhile expedition. Besides, it offers a wide field of view that is essential when you are watching flying birds or moving targets.

Optically, the scope features fully multi-coated lenses that provide high levels of light transmissions. This way, you are able to enjoy brighter images even in lighting conditions that are dim.

Furthermore, Celestron built this sighting tool ready for use in any environment. With the waterproof construction, you will be able to venture into rainy and cold conditions with confidence. Besides, the body is filled with dry nitrogen gas so you don’t need to worry about the lenses fogging on the inside.

This spotting scope also comes with a T-adapter for Digiscoping and a large focus dial for smooth focusing.


  • Multi-coated optics
  • Sharp zoom eyepiece function
  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled
  • Large focus dial
  • Fully multi-coated lens system
  • Straight eyepiece design


  • Versatile
  • Stunning low-light visibility
  • Easy to use
  • Straight through viewing angle
  • Sight Tube for Quick Targeting


  • No ED Glass


6) TASCO 20-60×60 Spotting Scope

TASCO 20-60x60 Spotting Scope




Our last spotting scope under $200 is the TASCO Spotting Scope. This model provides an impressive zoom power ranging from 20x to 60x and a large 60mm aperture to complement the zoom range.

To help you capture the finest details, the scope comes with an easy grip focus control put in an area that is easy to access. Furthermore, it employs high-quality glass and fully coated optics that increase light transmission to yield bright, vivid, and color-rich image views.

With a weight of 29.5 ounces, the scope is fairly light and easy to carry in the field. In terms of construction, it features a durable chassis with aggressive elegant rubber armor that protects it from the elements. The spotting scope also features a waterproof construction so you can use it for light showers and any other weather conditions.


  • Individual focus type
  • Water-resistant
  • Fully coated optics
  • Roof prism optical path
  • Rubber armored body
  • Versatile 20-60x zoom range


  • Rugged and durable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Spectacular picture quality
  • Portable
  • Comes with a case and tripod


  • Works for close to medium ranges only




Spotting Scopes Vs Binoculars

With a budget of $200, you can get a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope when looking for a sighting tool. Both are helpful when viewing objects that are far away. They are also equally versatile and great for a ton of outdoor applications.

However, a spotting scope has a higher magnification than binoculars. With high magnification, you will be able to observe objects in detail no matter the range. The best spotting scope under $200 provides better low-light performance thanks to the large objective lens.

Binoculars on the other hand have the benefit of being portable and great for travel. They are smaller in size and more lightweight compared to spotting scopes. With the lightweight design, you can use binoculars comfortably without the need to have a tripod which is a must-have for most spotting scopes. Binoculars also give you a wider field of view given their smaller magnification power.

Criteria for Choosing a Spotting Scope under $200

Explained below are the factors to consider when shopping for a spotting scope under $200.

Angled or Straight

You will have to choose a spotting scope with either an angled or straight eyepiece design. Angled spotting scopes are in most cases more convenient as they give you the flexibility to adjust the eyepiece to the most comfortable viewing position. They are also more comfortable to use during long glassing periods.

On the other hand, spotting scopes with a straight eyepiece design is simpler to use and best for watching objects that are on the same level as you are.

Build quality

Solid construction is necessary for any spotting scope. With quality construction, the scope will not just last longer, but also perform in a reliable manner whenever you need it the most. Therefore, ensure that you get one that is built using high-quality materials and rubber armored on the entire body.

Eye Relief

In spotting scopes, the eyepiece comes with a part called eye relief. It is measured in millimeters and plays a big part in determining how comfortable the scope will be during use. Look for a spotting scope that offers a long eye relief of at least 18mm.


When you are outside hunting, targeting shooting or birding, the weather conditions won’t always be in your favor. So, ensure that you get a product that is designed to offer reliable weather resistance. The best spotting scope under $200 has to be waterproof, fog proof, and dust proof for total reliability.


Another important thing to consider is the weight of the spotting scope. If the spotting scope you get is too big and bulky, it will be cumbersome to carry and might come in your way of use. For such a scope, invest in a tripod if it doesn’t come with one. A tripod will free your hands and take the weight off.

Alternatively, look for a lightweight scope that is easy to carry around and much more comfortable to use with or without a tripod.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best spotting scope under $200 does not have to be a complex, unpleasant task. All the models we have listed above have a ton of impressive features that make them ideal for multiple outdoor activities. Look at the specs of each model, see if they are up to par, then pick the model that will make your outdoor spotting activities more enjoyable.