6 Best Thermal Cameras for iPhone

Are you in search of the best thermal camera for iPhone? You are in the right place. We have put together this thermal camera buying guide to help you find the best product for your iPhone.

Thermal cameras for iPhone are indispensable in different fields including electrical wiring, research, securing, and healthcare. They are smaller in size compared to the standard thermal cameras and much easier to use. The portable design makes them ideal for use on the go where they offer an easy way to capture thermal images and record videos.

When buying a thermal camera for iPhone, you will want it to have the best image resolution as well as an excellent thermal range. We have done our homework and narrowed down the best thermal cameras that are compatible with iPhones. Additionally, we have pinpointed the features to look for when making your selection.

Essential Features of the Best Thermal Imaging Cameras for iPhone

When shopping for the best thermal camera for iPhone, the following are the important factors to consider.

Thermal Sensitivity

The first thing to consider is thermal sensitivity. This is the smallest temperature difference the camera can detect between two measurement points. Thermal sensitivity is measured in milli-Kelvin which is abbreviated as mK and this value is clearly indicated in every thermal camera.

Generally, the lower the mK value is, the more sensitive the camera is. A tip is to look for a thermal camera that has a thermal sensitivity of about 150mK.


The next thing to consider is resolution. In thermal cameras, the resolution is a vital feature that determines how clearly the thermal imaging camera will function. Resolution shows the pixels a camera has and pixels are essential in determining the quality of the pictures generated.

The best thermal camera for iPhone comes with a high resolution to yield the clearest images possible. Thermal cameras with high-resolution power often have a higher price than their cheaper counterparts, but in the long run, they are worth every penny.

Sensitive Range

Thermal cameras have a sensitive range which is a measure of the maximum and minimum temperatures the camera can detect. This range varies widely from one camera to the other. A tip is to get a camera that has a broad sensitive range for added versatility.

Refresh Rate

Next, consider the refresh rate. In thermal cameras, refresh rate refers to the number of times the screen updates itself per second. It is measured in hertz (Hz) and varies from one product to the other. Thermal cameras for iPhones that are built with a high refresh rate are the best. They update the screen regularly to provide image views that are updated and rich in clarity.

Battery Efficiency

Most of the thermal cameras for iPhones that are available on the market today are powered by batteries. When making your selection look at the batteries each camera uses and how long they last. Some cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries and other replaceable batteries.

The other thing to consider is how long the batteries last. If the camera depletes the battery fast, make sure that you get spare ones that can be used for replacement when they die in the middle of use.

Without any further delays, here is a list of the best thermal camera for iPhones that are available on the market today. Let’s take a look.

Best Thermal Camera for iPhone-Our Top Picks

1) FLIR ONE Gen 3 – iOS -Thermal Camera

FLIR ONE Gen 3 - iOS -Thermal Camera



FLIR ONE Gen 3 – iOS -Thermal Camera is by far the best thermal camera for iPhone that is available out there. It captures and shares thermal images and videos and comes with an exclusive MSX technology that blends thermal and visible spectrum to enhance resolution and provide crisp and detailed views.

The radiometric JPEG in this camera captures temperature data in every pixel during use. This way, you are able to shift the point of measurement even after you take the picture. Furthermore, the camera utilizes a VividIR image processor that provides the clearest pictures possible.

With a weight of 1.2 ounces only, this camera is an ultra-light accessory that transforms an iPhone into a powerful thermal infrared camera. The camera also features OneFit Adjustable Connector for hassle-free connection and an improved app to let you access more features and new ways of using thermal imaging.

Pros & Specifications

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Easy to use
  • High resolution and crisp picture quality
  • Durable
  • 40 minutes response time
  • Works with the Free FLIR ONE mobile app
  • 80 × 60 pixels thermal resolution
  • 150 mK thermal sensitivity
  • MSX Image modes


  • No VividIR Image Enhancement

2) Seek Thermal Compact – All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera

Seek Thermal Compact - All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera


Seek Thermal Compact – All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera is a multifunctional thermal camera that makes a handy tool for contractors, builders, engineers, and DIY homeowners. This camera doesn’t require batteries or charging and has a compact size that makes it the best thermal camera for iPhone in terms of portability and ease of use.

Despite the small and compact form, the camera has a wide thermal range and it captures high-resolution images. When paired with an iPhone, it fits in easily and takes thermal readings with the iPhone’s camera.

Furthermore, this all-purpose thermal camera combines thermography with common photography techniques to ensure that you capture pictures with the best quality possible. It also comes with a waterproof case that shields it from damage by elements when outdoors.

Pros & Specifications

  • Multifunctional tool
  • -40F° to 626°F Detection Range
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a waterproof case
  • < 9 Hz Frame Rate
  • No need for batteries or charging
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • 1,000 ft. Detection Distance
  • 9 Color Palettes
  • Comes with a waterproof case
  • 36° Field of View
  • Can capture photos and videos
  • Works day and night


  • None


3) FLIR One Pro LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Camera

Best Thermal Camera for iPhone



Built with a 1440 x 1080 pixels IR camera and a thermal sensitivity of 100mK, the FLIR One Pro LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Camera is a powerful mobile accessory whose functionality is second to none.

It comes with an adjustable one-fit connector that extends up to 4mm to fit the mobile device while it is still in the protective case.

This camera is built to measure temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. Furthermore, it boasts a unique image processing technology that enhances the resolution and accuracy of the images at any temperature.

When this technology is combined with MSX, the camera offers unmatched image quality for a mobile IR solution.

Pros & Specifications

  • Ease of use
  • Stunning picture quality for a mobile IR solution
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • 0.3 m – Infinity adjustable MSX distance
  • Quality construction
  • Works incredibly for hidden energy loss, electrical problems, water damage, and other heat-related issues
  • -20C to 120C (-4F to 248F) temperature range
  • 1hr battery life with 40 min battery life
  • HFOV/VFOV: 50° ±1° / 38° ±1°
  • ±3°C or ±5% Accuracy
  • OneFit adjustable connector that extends to 4 mm


  • Short battery life


4) FLIR One Pro LT Pro-Grade Thermal Camera

FLIR One Pro LT Pro-Grade Thermal Camera



Another best thermal camera for iPhone on our list is the FLIR One Pro LT Pro-Grade Thermal Camera. This camera is capable of detecting heat signatures from as low as -4°F to as high as 248°F. With this detection range, professionals and DIY enthusiasts can use it to catch potential hazards early by detecting hot spots and heat fluctuations.

Another highlight of this thermal camera is the picture quality yields. It is built to capture still photos, videos, or time-lapse with stunning resolution and accuracy. Besides, it works with the FLIR One Pro LT to provide a host of work-based features including multiple spot meters, reporting, and level/span controls.

Complementing the stunning picture quality is a rugged construction to withstand drops and rough handling. Other than that, the camera features a OneFit adjustable connector that extends up to 4mm in length to accommodate most phone cases and make connection easy.

Pros & Specifications

  • Rugged construction
  • Compact and ultralight design
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Up to 4mm Connector
  • Incredible temperature accuracy
  • Stills, Video, or Time Lapse saves
  • -4°F to 248°F Temperature range


  • None


5) Klein Tools TI222 Thermal Imager for iOS Devices

Klein Tools TI222 Thermal Imager for iOS Devices


Next up we have the Klein Tools TI222 Thermal Imager. This compact thermal camera is built with versatility in mind. It is compatible with all iOS 11 and higher devices. It is also used for investigating energy loss in buildings, determining hot spots in machinery, and pinpointing clogs in pipes among other applications.

The camera boasts 10,800 pixels resolution and a frame rate of 9Hz to enhance picture clarity. To complement the high image resolution, this camera features a large 50° field of view that makes the target find a walk in the park. It is also built with high/low-temperature alarms for monitoring systems.

For added convenience, the camera comes with a user-selectable touchscreen that is intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, this camera fits phone cases up to 1/16”/ 1.5mm, and it is designed to detect the temperature of objects ranging from -4 to 752°F/ -20 to 400°C.

Pros & Specifications

  • Ability to take time-lapse videos
  • Compatible with iOS devices 11 or higher
  • Great value for money
  • 10,800 PIXELS resolution
  • Fits phone cases upto 1/16-INCH (1.5 mm)
  • 3 color pelettes (iron bow, rainbow, and grayscale)
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Capture images and videos
  • User-selectable touch screen
  • -4 to 752-Degree Fahrenheit (-20 to 400-Degree Celsius) temperature range


  • Doesn’t work with all cases (ie cases thicker than 1/16-Inch (1.5 mm) )


6) FLIR ONE Pro iOS -Professional Grade Thermal Camera

FLIR ONE Pro iOS -Professional Grade Thermal Camera



Lastly on our list of the best thermal camera for iPhone is the FLIR ONE Pro iOS -Professional Grade Thermal Camera. This camera is built with 4800 pixels capable of capturing thermal measurements from 14°F to 302°F and has a spectral range of 7.5- 14um.

The camera utilizes MSX image enhancement and VividIR-enhanced image processing to provide unparalleled thermal imaging performance.

The images it captures are of high quality and clarity. Besides, the camera has a video function that provides the sharpest mobile thermal imaging performance.


  • Great resolution 4800 pixels
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Spectral Range: 7.5–14
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Up to 500 radiometric images
  • 14° Fahrenheit to 302° Fahrenheit range
  • Image enhancement MSX 
  • VividIR enhanced image processing and video capabilities


  • Short battery life (1 hr)




What is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

A thermal imaging camera is a camera that uses infrared radiation to form an image in the same way that a regular camera uses visible light to create an image.

With the standard cameras, the nanometric range is about 700nm. However, this is different in thermal imaging cameras which are more sensitive to different wavelengths.

Thermal cameras have a nanometric range of about 14,000nm which makes them more versatile and usable even on pitch-dark nights.

With is a Thermal Imaging Camera used for?

A Thermal imaging camera is a versatile device that is used for a wide range of commercial and military applications. Thermal cameras were first made for surveillance and military application.

However, with the advancement in technology, they have evolved to become a multifunctional tool used for a ton of activities.

In this day and age, thermal cameras are a popular tool for commercial use, surveillance, and building inspections. Plumbers use them to inspect pipe blockage, while electricians find them a vital tool for detecting electrical faults.

On top of that, thermal cameras are widely used by firefighters, and mechanics during automobile repairs and by scientific researchers when they are doing different research.

What is Thermal Imaging and How Does it Work?

Thermal imaging is a process of increasing the visibility of objects in the dark by detecting and capturing the infrared radiation they produce and then using that radiation to form an image of that object.

Thermal imaging devices are built to work in any lighting or weather condition. They also work in obstacles such as fire, fog, mist, sand, and dust.

A thermal imaging device works by capturing the infrared radiation an object emits. After capturing the IR radiation, the thermal imaging device takes it through a series of processes to create the image that you see on the screen.

If the object has different temperature reading, the device you are using will show you these temperatures in different color palettes.

Can I use my Phone as a Thermal Camera?

Absolutely. If the phone you are using has a thermal camera, you can use it as a thermal imaging device. If not, you should get the best thermal camera for iPhone /Android and pair it with your iPhone/ Android.

Thermal cameras for iPhones or Androids come in different designs and shapes for you to choose from. When connected to the smartphone, the thermal camera turns the iPhone /Android device into a powerful thermal imaging device that can be used for a wide range of applications.

What can a Thermal Camera Detect?

A thermal camera can detect both hot and cold spots of different objects in different environments. Given their multifunctionality, one can use a thermal camera to pinpoint clogs in pipes and find moisture in dry walls. A thermal camera will also detect hot spots in machinery and show an electrical fault as well as the loss of energy in buildings.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best thermal camera for iPhone shouldn’t always be a hard and time-consuming task. When you are well-informed, it becomes easy thing to find the product that suits your iPhone and matches your individual needs. No matter the thermal camera you end up choosing, it is our hope that you have found this article helpful.