Best Scope Brands List for Rifles.Made in USA,Germany

Best Scope Brands.

  • Vortex
  • Leupold
  • Steiner
  • Burris
  • ATN
  • Trijicon
  • Eotech
  • Pulsar
  • UTG
  • NightForce
  • Aimpoint
  • Monstrum
  • Bushnell
  • CVLife
  • Simmons
  • Sightmark
  • Firefield


If you are looking for the best scope brands for rifles, hunting, Night Vision, Thermal, and more, this article will comprehensively cover that.

When hunting and shooting targets in the range, a scope is an important piece of gear to have. It will help bring distant targets closer and improve your probability of hitting your target accurately. A scope also helps you locate your targets with ease, making your hunting/shooting expedition less taxing.

Whether you are buying your first rifle scope or looking to upgrade to a better newer model, you will find that there are tons of scopes brands to choose from.

Through the years, there are so many rifle scopes manufacturers that have come out to offer different scopes suitable for different applications. This gives hunter and tactical shooters a wide range of options to choose from.

With all that in mind, let us now take a look at some of the best scope brands out there.

Best Scope Brands


Vortex is a renowned brand in the industry of optics. It is one of the most reliable optics brands out there. Founded in 2004, Vortex continues to manufacture a wide array of rifle scopes that are quality, versatile, and competitively priced.

In addition to making high-quality scopes, Vortex also manufactures different hunting gear and a wide selection of outdoor products such as spotting scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, and many more.

All Vortex scopes are well-crafted to provide excellent accuracy and unbeatable durability. They are made with either aircraft-grade aluminum or high-strength aluminum alloy which makes them virtually indestructible. To add to that, all Vortex scopes are O-ring sealed and filled with argon or nitrogen gas to deliver reliable all-weather performance.

Another great feature about Vortex is that they provide you with an unlimited lifetime warranty when you buy any of their scopes. They also repair or replace a product even after it is damaged or found defective. Vortex also offers a great customer experience.


Leupold is one of the oldest optic brands out there. For over a century now, Leupold continues to make reliable and durable scopes out there. It manufactures a wide range of scopes from high to low budget to meet the different needs of buyers out there.

Moreover, all Leupold scopes are designed, machined, and assembled in the USA. This guarantees that they are quality. Furthermore, Leupold scopes are renowned for their unmatched performance even in low light settings. Go for a Leupold scope if you are looking for relentless performance and outstanding accuracy in any hunting and shooting expedition.


Steiner Optics brand has really set its footprint in the top-tier riflescope market, and it has done pretty well. This German brand provides top-tier glass to rival even the best of the best, world-class optics from other countries.

Popularly known for binoculars, Steiner has branched making other optical instruments such as rifle scopes and different outdoor accessories as well. They make their scopes with world-class lenses to provide the best optical performance. Additionally, they offer a wide array of scopes to suit the different needs of hunters out there.


What makes Burris stand out among other competitors is that its scopes are very competitively priced. They often sell their scopes at a cheaper price compared with other brands such as Bushnell, Leupold, and Nikon.

Despite their scopes being remarkably affordable, Burris products do not compromise on their quality. Moreover, Burris scopes have clear, high-quality lenses which provide exceptional light transmission for bright and crisp image generation. Burris also manufactures high-end thermal scopes to help improve your target practice and hunting expeditions.


ATN Corp is a US-based industry that manufacturers top-tier tactical night vision and thermal imaging optics. With ATN night vision scopes, you will be able to see your targets clearly even on the blackest nights. Besides, most of their night vision scopes have dual functionality which means that you can use them at night and during the day as well.

ATN night vision and thermal imaging scopes boast advanced infrared illuminators or thermal imaging, which are hard to find from other scope manufacturers.

They also offer their scopes at varying price ranges to meet the budget needs of different buyers. Whether you are on the hunt for a budget model or a high-end scope, there is a scope out there that will meet your needs.


Trijicon scopes are known for their dependability, accuracy, and great performance. For decades, Trijicon scopes have earned the trust of many hunters across the globe who are looking to boost their hunting experience. Each scope is built ready to stand rough handling and get the job done each time.

Moreover, Trijicon rifle scopes are built with high-quality glass which provides high-quality images full of color contrast. They also offer outstanding performance even in low light settings which is what most hunters and tactical shooters look for in a scope.


Eotech makes premium-quality scopes ideal for virtually any hunting and shooting application. All Eotech rifle scopes are made from aircraft-grade aluminum which maximizes their durability and strength while remaining lightweight.

Additionally, Eotech scopes feature high-quality optics which provide efficient light transmission for bright, clear, and high-quality images with unmatched edge-to-edge sharpness. To add to that, all Eotech scopes are shock-resistant, water-resistant, and fog-resistant as well.


Pulsar is another reliable scope brand that makes high-quality thermal imaging and night vision riflescopes. Pulsar utilizes high-end technology to make scopes that will help improve your target practice and hunting experience.

The latest line of Pulsar thermal and night vision scopes offers notable reliability and unbeatable performance at a competitive price tag. They also offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of different buyers out there.

It is difficult to find a reliable and inexpensive brand for digital night vision and thermal imaging scopes other than Pulsar.


If you are looking for an optics brand that manufactures high-quality yet affordable scopes, look no further than UTG. This brand makes some of the best-performing hunting and shooting scopes out there.

Most of their scopes are simple to use even for beginners. Also, they offer a wide array of scopes so you can find a model that works best for your needs. UTG scopes are also tough to compare to, weatherproof, and virtually indestructible.


NightForce is another American-based scope brand that manufactures some of the finest and most versatile scopes out there. Established in 1992, NightForce continues to manufacture a wide range of high-end and top-performing scopes ideal for multiple hunting and shooting applications.

One thing that makes NightForce scopes stand out is their durable construction. These scopes are built to handle any abuse a firearm can dish out and any punishment you can subject them to.

Additionally, all NightForce scopes are built to stand the toughest environments and provide great accuracy. To top it all, they have superior optical designs which translate to excellent light transmission for bright and clear image generation.


Aimpoint offers top-tier optics suitable for multiple applications among them hunting and shooting. Since 1975, they continue to make versatile, compact, and durable optics that help hunters and shooters get the most out of their hunting/tactical shooting expeditions.

All Aimpoint sighting systems use advanced technologies to deliver unmatched performance. Furthermore, Aimpoint makes some of the best red dot sights out there.

Their products are well-crafted and virtually impervious to harsh weather or changing environmental conditions. These optics are also lightweight for easy carrying in the field. For great performance in every hunting season, you can trust an Aimpoint optic to get the job done.


Montrum Tactical is a scope brand that has been around for years. This brand is renowned for its best value scopes and other tactical gear. It prides itself in making a wide array of high-quality rifle scopes within affordable price ranges.

Additionally, Monstrum Tactical was the first to offer a first focal plane reticle for under $200. Year in year out, this brand is committed to providing quality, functional and versatile scopes to meet the needs of different users out there. It also aims to stay committed to its customers in the best way possible by offering quick, efficient, and excellent customer service and assistance.


This American-based brand offers a wide selection of scopes to meet the needs of every user out there. Whether you are looking for a long-range hunting scope to take your hunting/shooting skills to the next big level, or you are a beginner looking for an entry-level scope, Bushnell got you covered.

For nearly a century now, Bushnell continues to cater to the needs of different hunters and shooters out there. In addition to making high-quality hunting scopes, they also make other optical products such as binoculars, red dots, and spotting scopes among others.

All their products are made with high-quality materials for ultimate durability. They are also weatherproof for greater reliability. Whichever Bushnell scope you choose to buy you can rest assured that it has been field-tested to offer the best performance.


CVLIFE optics speak for themselves. While this brand is based in China, it makes high-quality scopes suitable for various hunting and shooting applications.

CVlife scopes are built ready for ruffed field use. They are durable, fade-resistant, and won’t wear down over time. Additionally, these scopes are built with premium-quality glass to provide high-quality and color-accurate images.

You will also get views that are bright and clear even in poor light settings. CVlife also offers quality scopes that are relatively affordable.


Simmons is a subsidiary of Bushnell. It offers top-performing and high-quality scopes suitable for hunting and other shooting applications. Despite being a subsidiary of Bushnell, Simmons makes quality, functional and versatile optics that are both awesome and unique.

Another good thing about this brand is that it manufactures high-end optics that don’t have high-end price tags. You can get a scope that uses premium glass at half the price of what other competitors sell a similar optic for.

Additionally, this brand makes a wide selection of products to make your hunting or target practice experience better.


The quality of scopes that Sightmark provides is exceptional. Sightmark scopes offer pinpoint accuracy, high versatility, and exceptional optical performance that hunters require. Their scopes are easy to use and suitable for hunting beginners and professionals alike.

Sightmark also makes some of the most affordable night vision digital riflescopes. These scopes have dual functionality which makes them ideal for hunting during the day and at night. Also, all Sightmark products come with the Sightmark Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Over the past few years, Firefield optics have become quite popular across the globe. This brand has seen tremendous growth due to the high demand for sporting firearms and tactical accessories.

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and top-performing scope for hunting or target shooting, this brand provides a wide variety of nice and interesting options to choose from.

All Firefield optics are owned and distributed by Sellmark Corporation, a brand that is based in the USA. However, these products come from China, where in the past few years, local suppliers have made remarkable improvements in their manufacturing procedures and quality control standards. This way, international industry players are now able to offer better quality and reliable products at competitive prices.

Another good thing about this brand is that it offers a wide range of other entry-level optical instruments to align with the diverse needs of hunters and shooters out there. Whatever your needs are, you will find a product that suits you.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found this post enlightening. Remember that finding the best scope will make your hunting and shooting expedition more rewarding. With so many brands to choose from, focus on getting a scope that fits your needs best. Whether you are looking for a short or long-range scope, there is a riflescope out there for you.