What does a Rangefinder do for Golf?

What does a rangefinder do for golf?

Golf rangefinders help golfers estimate the shot’s distance and accuracy. With golf rangefinders, you are able to eliminate guesswork, calculate speed and direction and improve your golfing skills.

There are two main types of rangefinders; Laser and GPS rangefinders. GPS rangefinders determine the distance to the hole or other points on the golf course in a shorter time as they use measurements to know the points. They need the course to be mapped and may sometimes require a monthly subscription fee, depending on the type of service chosen.

Laser range finders do not on the other hand need the course to be mapped. Getting a distance measurement can take longer compared to their counterparts. This type of rangefinder is however more accurate and can provide accuracy between one yard and 1/10 of a yard.




Range finders provide benefits to golfers which include:

  1. Eliminates guesswork

Rangefinders measure the distance between the golfer and the hole accurately. This gets rid of some guesswork needed to determine how you should hit the ball.

The measurement can also be used to gauge and enhance your skills. Therefore, playing the grueling game of looking for the nearest distance marker and then going through the circus of trying to determine what the relative yardage is for the upcoming shot will be a thing of the past even for amateurs.

  1. Informs you on which club to use

It can be difficult to determine which club to use at which time especially if you ate a beginner in golf. To improve your game, you need to know and determine the right club. You need to know how far away the hole is so as to know the club to use. A rangefinder helps you do that.

  1. Speeds up the game

No one obviously wants to take all day when trying to get some practice in on the green. Guesswork with regard to estimation of distance also can consume a lot of time.

This is where rangefinders come in handy. Getting rid of the guesswork will make your game fly. The rangefinder will additionally be able to determine quickly how far away your hole is. Pick up the right club and get to swinging once you have figured out the distance and have a stress-free game.

  1. Calculate wind direction and speed

This is a great feature for golfers as adjustments according to the speed and direction of the wind are crucial so as to get the desired shot.

  1. Improve your overall skills

Every golfer wants to improve their skill, whether you are a beginner or professional. A rangefinder will increase the benefits of your practice game thus contributing to your improvement.


Just with the press of a button, golfers can look through the lens of a rangefinder and instantaneously know the distance to the pin and yardage to other areas on the hole like the bunkers and hazards.

Rangefinders are a key part of accessories carried by golf enthusiasts. With these devices, you can be certain that your golfing will improve drastically.

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