Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope: Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm

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Are you looking for a scope to mount on your scout rifle? You have come to the right location. Today’s exploration is on the best Vortex long eye relief scout scope recommendations that will satisfy you. The scopes have unique features to match the needs of scout users.

In the world of optics, versatility, and precision intersect are essential for the scout rifle. An amalgamation of forward-mounted optics with the legendary scout rifle gives shooters an upper hand when tackling targets.

Vortex Optics is one of the brands manufacturing top-of-the-line scope to meet the various needs of shooters and hunters. The brand has a few scopes with eye relief curated to suit scout rifles. They guarantee a superior shooting experience and a revamp of your shooting skills.

Is Longer Eye Relief Better?

A longer distance between your eye and the scope minimizes the risk of eye-related injuries. It offers adequate space for recoil ensuring the safety for the shooter. A long eye relief scope is advantageous for competition shooters who may find themselves on a clock and need to acquire targets faster.

What Is a Scout Scope Used For?

A scout scope is an optical sight made for use on scout rifles. A scout rifle is a lightweight and versatile firearm used for multiple applications like hunting, practical shooting competitions, and target shooting.

A scout scope is used on the rifle to ensure fast and versatile target acquisition at moderate distances, making it suitable for tasks where a lightweight and agile rifle is beneficial.

Best Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm Riflescope- Best Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

Best Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope




Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm is the best Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope with 9.45 inches of eye relief. If you are tight on a budget, look no further than this Crossfire. It has all you could dream of in a riflescope and more and surpasses the standards of models with a similar price.

First, it comes with fully multi-coated optics that heighten light transmission and lessen glare in bright shooting conditions. The scope will do well regardless of your lighting condition.

It is equipped with a Dead-Hold BDC reticle with four long posts providing a narrow gate where fine crosshairs determine the exact point of aim. It has hash marks that allow you to estimate holdover for accurate placement of long-range shots.

The magnification is placed at 2x to 7x while the objective lens size is 32mm. This combo provides clear views at short to medium ranges.

In addition, the windage and elevation turrets have caps, making them less prone to damage or accidental shifting. You can re-index the turret housing to zero after making adjustments with no struggle.

Besides that, a fast-focus eyepiece is found at the ocular end, promoting speedy target acquisition. This is achieved through quick reticle focus.

Construction-wise, the Crossfire II is hard-coated with aircraft-grade aluminum housing that survives harsh elements. Inside the scope is nitrogen purging and o-ring seals that prevent interference by dust, moisture, dirt, and oil by maintaining the waterproof and fogproof integrity of the unit.

The lenses are machine-locked with rings to ensure perfect alignment amidst recoil and impact.


  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle
  • Capped windage and elevation turrets
  • Machine-locked rings endure precise alignment of lenses under severe recoil and impact.
  • The build consists of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • 9.45  inches of eye relief
  • Fast focus eyepiece enables quick reticle focusing
  • Hard-coat anodization


  • Smooth shouldering for fast execution
  • Economical
  • Operator-friendly


  • None


Choosing the Best Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

The following features will steer you toward making a wise buying decision:


High magnification is typically not found in the best Vortex long eye relief scout scopes owing to the optical assembly needed to provide the eye relief. A high magnification scope will deteriorate clarity, sharpness, and field of view.

The type of firearm and target distance will also determine the ideal magnification. The best scopes have a magnification between 1x and 8x.

Optical Quality

It is vital to consider the optical quality when choosing the best Vortex long eye relief scout scope  because of light loss that takes place over the distance from the eye to the eyepiece. Fully multi-coated optics should be standard, while additional coatings can be valuable as they boost light collection, improving the overall image quality.

Build Quality

Construction materials reveal the integrity of the scope. Features like aircraft-grade aluminum housing, single-piece, or 30mm tubes enhance a scope’s longevity. Also, look for shockproofing for recoil and impact resistance. Besides, Vortex scopes are sealed with o-rings and purged with gas to maintain the waterproof and fogproof integrity. A scope must continue functioning even in foul weather to make it worth buying.


Nothing is as important as the reticle and its crosshairs as far as accuracy is concerned. The best Vortex long eye relief scout scopes should have a simple reticle with high visibility.  A reticle should offer sufficient information, have adjustment and holdover positions, and provide a good idea of the trajectory of the bullet. Also, pay attention to the illumination as it is handy in conditions with weak light. An illuminated reticle also improves image contrast.

Objective Lens Size

This is the lens at the front of the scope. It is pertinent as it allows light penetration into the scope. The more light enters, the clearer and crispier the image seen will be. In long eye relief scopes, it is unnecessary to have the largest lens you can find. You should get one that gives a clear sight image even when your eye is half a foot away from the scope.

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Best Vortex Long Eye Relief Scout Scope FAQs

What Is the Difference Between a Regular Scope and a Long Eye Relief Scope?

A regular scope has eye relief between 3 to 4 inches. It has a high magnification, often exceeding 10x and is intended for one eye open shooting. It is best for long-range engagements and is more ideal for calibers that are light or medium weight.

A conventional eye relief scope will make your rifle feel more balanced and easier to hold.

On the other hand, a long eye relief scope has eye relief of more than 4.5 inches. It is often seen forward mounted on shotguns and rifle barrels. It supports both eyes open shooting, increasing your peripheral awareness. It stands out from the standard eye relief scope because of faster target acquisition, enhanced situational awareness, and faster loading. It is best to use such a scope in enclosed or uphill shooting.

A limitation of a scope in this category is that it is limited by physics. Configuring a long eye relief scope with a high magnification range is nearly impossible. Most of these scopes have power not exceeding 8x.

What Is the Advantage of a Scout Scope?

A scout scope is usually lightweight and compact, with generous eye relief and low magnification. It is fashioned to enable shooters to shoot with both eyes open and attain faster recovery from recoil. This facilitates quick, follow-up shots.

What Is Lens Coating?

This is the layer that covers each lens. It ensures maximum light absorption and reduces light reflection. Nearly all scopes are fully multi-coated. This connotes that there are multiple layers of anti-reflective film on both the objective and focal lens. Some models have coated or fully coated options.

Final Remarks

Choosing the best Vortex long eye relief scout scope is a key decision that will make or break your shooting experience. These Vortex scopes are not mere instruments but essential gear for the scout rifle. Vortex continues to be a symbol of quality, and its long eye relief scopes embody an intersection of tradition and tech. Any of the two Vortex scopes will help you take an aim confidently, acquire targets quickly, and precisely hit your mark. With Vortex, each opportunity is an opportunity for excellence.

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